拥有壮美自然景观的山东,钟灵毓秀,美不胜收;拥有“孔孟之乡、礼仪之邦”美誉的山东,历史悠久,文化灿烂;拥有大气鲁菜和精致小吃的山东,热气腾腾,珍馐飘香……《In Shandong》原创英文系列视频,邀请外国友人一起品鉴山东的“颜值”“滋味”和“内涵”,一起走近勤劳聪慧的山东人。

  As the saying goes, “A hundred kinds of vegetables are no match for cabbages“.Chinese cabbages are heart-warming delicacies that Rizhao people never get enough in winter, while Jing winter vegetables, famous special pickles in Rizhao made from Chinese cabbages, are a vivid nostalgic taste in the memory of the elder generation of Rizhao people.


  In the old days, southerners used to call the northern famous brand products as “Beijing goods”, and Rizhao winter vegetables were therefore named “Jing“.They can be stored in the jars for about three years.And they can be used not only as side dishes, but also as condiments for fish and egg soup.In 2021, the craftsmanship of Jing winter vegetables was selected into the expanded list of representative projects of Shandong provincial intangible cultural heritage.


  Jing winter vegetables, as the only tribute of Rizhao County, started to be produced in Guangxu's Reigh in the Qing Dynasty.The local high-quality Chinese cabbages are the main raw materials, which are cut and dried in advance, and soy sauce and Shaoxing wine are used as the condiments. Jing winter vegetables are long and thin, fragrant and delicious, brown in color and unique in shape.The production of Jing winter vegetables gradually took shape at that time, and whenever bulk cargo arrived in Shanghai, people scrambled to buy them. And that’s when Jing winter vegetables started to enjoy a high reputation.


  Besides pickles, they are also good condiments in pan-broiling, stir-frying, steaming, stewing and boiling soup. The dishes made with Jing winter vegetables, such as steamed pork, stuffed buns, scrambled eggs, stir-fried snail slices and the like, have their own unique flavor.Despite of the supporting roles of Jing winter vegetables, they still highlight the deliciousness of the ingredients because of the combination.







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